Anti-Arson Security Letter Box

Discover Awards Winning IdealGuard™ Innovations for Protecting Home and Business Property

Many items and substances, particularly liquids, are restricted or banned on board the plane because they are likely to pose a risk to safety and security or can be used to cause harm.

Why then do you let almost anything that can pose a risk to safety and security or can be used to cause harm, get dropped in your mailbox or, even worse, via the letter plate in your letter box inside your home or place of work?

This is unacceptable to continue. The solution is IdealGuard™ anti-arson security letter box.

All Inclusive Security, Fire and Eco Solutions Stopping Crime and Vandalism Before They Happen

Security doesn’t come one size fits all. IdealGuard™ brand offers a range of maintenance-free anti-arson security letter/mail box products to suit your need for the best possible and cost-effective solution.

IdealGuard™ products are the  world’s first powered by the force of gravity to protect against all hazards, banish liquids from letter/mail box, and remarkably suitable for fitting with no added damage to almost any door at any level (high and low).

IdealGuard™ Game-Changing Anti-Arson Security Letter Box Will Upgrade Your Front Door Security

Simply Reduce Your Risk Of Large Loss

The IFSEC award-winning and multi-award nominated IdealGuard™ brand anti-arson security letter box  and mailbox products have been tastefully designed for increasing Security, Fire Resistance, Water Tightness and Energy Efficiency of your home or business property simply and cost-effectively without the need to replace the door and its traditional appearance.

No Analogues in the World

Photo: IdealGuard™/U series Anti-Arson Security Letterbox fitted to 44mm Aluminium door

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